Oh hey if you haven’t noticed

We won’t be updating this blog again. But I really like the images in this tumblr so it won’t be deactivated. It was a great ride, but feel free to unfollow upon your convenience. 

First Event Information

First event has NOT started yet but here are some information you should read for the upcoming event!

We are still open for application, it is until the first event starts and uh that’s it! Sorry for the lack of updates here.

Thought to post here because lots of our members are on tumblr and is probably watching this tumbly.


We’ll be updating this with more things in queue later. Working on the first event and what not. If you got something to submit, we’ll gladly take it!!


Steampunk… you’re doing it RIGHT!

This, btw, is how one would do steampunk. It’s epic! I want my whole house to emulate this. 

Go here for a more in depth look… http://www.goddesssophiawalker.com/wordpress/2010/11/03/now-this-is-how-steampunk-is-done/



Roraima Mountains - Venezuela

The incredible Mount Roraima plateau in South America, located at the border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, has been the inspiration for countless stories, from myths of the local Pemon people to Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel The Lost World and Pixar’s 2009 film Up.




Looking at these sort of pictures makes me really wish it was summer break :(

(Source: omgthatdress)